SEN Provision in loughmore ns

Following the NEPs Continuum of Support (pictured here) we offer SEN supports at level 1, 3 and 3 within the NCSE SET and SNA Allocation given to the school. We have appealed these allocations for a number of years as they are not adequate for our school SEN profile. However we do our best to meet the various needs of our pupils at each level. 
  • Each class teacher has a Level 1 Classroom support plan outlining the classroom management and differentiation techniques and measures they take to ensure inclusion. 
  • SET teachers provide Level two support to small groups for SEN support  - this may involve in-class support or small group withdrawal. 
  • SET teachers provide level 3 support for pupils with an assessed SEN (eg. Autism, Speech and Language Disorder, MGLD, ADHD, etc)- pupils have an SSP (Student Support Plan) devised in collaboration with parents, pupil, teacher, sna and relevant specialists. This plan outlines the individual education targets for this pupils and the remit of those involved in the plan. Those pupils with SNA access have a PPP (Pupil Personal Plan) outlining their care needs and the plan to meet these while simultaneously encouraging and supporting increased independence.  These are reviewed collaboratively throughout the year and are working documents. 
  • If you are concerned about any aspects of your child development or progress you are encouraged to talk with their class teacher.