Book Rental Scheme

Dear Parents/Guardians,

RE: School Book Rental Scheme.

In the present economic climate we are hugely aware of the importance of keeping school costs to a minimum. The book rental scheme saves parents a lot of money, especially in the long term, as the child progresses up through the school. This scheme is operated by the teachers of Loughmore NS. The parents are charged a fix sum each year to participate in the book rental scheme. This money is then used to buy /cover /supplement /replace sets of books for the class which are used by children in the school. With careful management these books can last up to 10 years. They are normally replaced because the books are out of date rather than because of the condition of the books, once the books are treated with respect and care.

We have revised our booklists this year in order to ensure that our school plan for each curriculum subject is consistent vertically throughout the school. These changes are also in line with the New Numeracy and Literacy Strategy Towards 2020 and an essential part of our current School Improvement Plan. We do not envisage any further changes to these books (apart from very minor changes if deemed necessary) in the foreseeable future. Much care, planning and consideration has gone into the revision and organisation of our new book rental scheme, and we hope you will find it extremely fair, efficient and beneficial.

We cannot provide workbooks that must be written into in our book rental scheme as it would prove far too costly. We cannot continue to photocopy them to the extent we have in the past either as our capitation grant has been cut too much, and so we ask that you read your child’s booklist for next year very carefully when it is distributed to you in the coming weeks. The books which are provided under the book rental scheme will be very clearly marked. The class teachers of all  classes will buy everything on the booklist and you will be billed in September for same. Book rental money can be forwarded before end of June however, as with other classes.

The following table shows the value of the books which will be rented to each class:


Cost to Parents

Number of Books Rented

Value of books rented

Junior Infants




Senior Infants




First Class




Second Class




Third Class




Fourth Class




Fifth Class




Sixth Class




Total *




[* Please note that the prices above may vary slightly from year to year – you will be issued with a book bill each September to clarify exact amounts owed each year. ]

If you wish to sign up to the Book Rental Scheme for next year please complete the following form and return it in a sealed envelope, complete with the correct fee, to the secretary’s office FAO: Angela Dunne  before 26th June 2020. We will keep an account of book rental money paid in June to avoid any discrepancies in September.

Angela Dunne – Principal.


Book Rental Participation Form 2020/21


Child’s Name in full: ____________________________________

Class for 2020/21 _____________________________________

I understand that the book rental scheme does not include workbooks which have to be written into.

I agree to replace any book(s) from the Book Rental Scheme which may be damaged by my child.

I enclose the book rental charge for my child €____________

Signed: ___________________________________ (Parent/Guardian)  

Date: ___________________________

Please return to office/class teacher by the end of June 2020.