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Chun ár n-oidhreacht  a chaomhnu


  • Please note that our School Covid 19 Response Plan was recently emailed to all parents and guardians, in addition to several forms and policy amendments. 
  • Please see our School Re-opening section under the News drop down menu above for more details.
  • School will resume for all pupils on Thursday 27th of August. Please note special arrangements for new junior infants and new solas pupils. We look forward to welcoming our school community back to Loughmore NS and will implement safety measures vigilantly and kindly. 
  • A Stop, Drop and Go plan is in place for morning drop offs and evening collections. Please note that collecting times are staggered in the afternoon to enable social distancing to be maintained at the gate. 
  • All relevant information is contained in our Covid Response Plan which all parents are asked to read carefully and sign the accompanying form to agree to adhere to this plan. It will take the collective efforts and understanding of all to ensure that we re-open as safely as possible, and stay open. 
  • If you have travelled recently to a non-Green Zone please adhere to public health restrictions. 
  • Main changes to note:
  • No Schoolbags
  • Formal uniform Mon, Wed, Fri. Tracksuits Tues and Thurs. 
  • Temperature check at the gate - if failed can be repeated after 15mins. 
  • All pupils will be part of a classroom bubble which will remain apart from other class bubbles throughout the school day. Bubbles will enter/exit the school via different entry and exit points. 
  • Parents do not have access to the school grounds or building without prior arrangement with the principal or deputy principal
  • Our staff/parent communication policy has changed
  • All items your child needs must be dropped to the school in advance of their return - booklist items, inhalers etc. Please place these in a labelled bag in the box inside our school gate next Monday or Tuesday (24th or 25th of August). 
  • Please complete the online form sent to you regarding relevant updating for teachers regarding your child/children. Teachers will be in touch if need be from Monday 24th of August to discuss any matters that need to be elaborated on. 
  • All payments due to the school will be issued to you in the form of a bill in September and we hope to have a contactless payment system established and communicated to you by then. If you have financial concerns please talk to the principal in complete confidence. 
  • The principal will hold a pupil Zoom on Monday 24th of August to prepare the pupils for the changes ahead, to take questions and reassure. 

Change to re-opening dates...

Due to County Council works immediately outside the school, impinging on parking and safe access to the school, we cannot re-open as planned. The works will not be completed until Friday 31st of August. Therefore we will re-open for all pupils  on Monday 31st of August. Our Infant and new Solas Pupils' Induction session will take place on Friday 28th of August between 10am - 12pm. Directions given to parents previously still stand for this session. Our re-opening protocol still stands also - the date is just changed. Check your email, Seesaw and PA WhatsApp for regular updates. 

Class entry and exit routes...

Please note your child/children's entry and exit route to and from the school. Parents are asked to leave your child to our care at the school gate each morning and collect them there each evening. Note also the staggered collection times for 1st-6th classes. 1st & 2nd class: 2.40pm, 3rd & 4th class@ 2.50pm. 5th & 6th class:3pm.

Questions and answers from Parent Information Zoom Meeting.pdf


Click on the link to complete one form per child you have in the school by Fri 21st of August please. Class teachers will get in touch from Monday 24th of August to clarify anything that needs to be addressed.


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Our Vision

To staff of Loughmore NS will strive to promote the success of all pupils by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision that is shared and supported by the community. This vision will manifest itself through a culture of collaboration and mutual support, through a climate of openness and trust. We endeavour to provide an environment in which every individual is cared for spiritually, morally, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. We aspire to inspiring a passion for learning through the creation of a stimulating atmosphere where all pupils can recognise and achieve their fullest potential, regardless of ability, within a secure, caring and inclusive environment. We plan strategically, conscientiously and creatively to implement a curriculum that reflects the educational, cultural, social and economic needs of the community of Loughmore. We aim to promote the active involvement of teachers, parents, management, church and the wider community in this learning process. We hope to engender a strong sense of local identity in pupils and encourage them to make their best contribution to their community. We will continue to promote and participate in cultural and sporting activities synonymous with Loughmore’s rich heritage and traditions. We will celebrate the uniqueness of each person and endeavour to enable  each pupil to meet with confidence and assurance the demands of life both now and in the future. We aim to perpetuate Loughmore National School’s place as a ‘Luach Maigh’ (reward field) for the entire school community. 

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