About us...

Graded Reading Programme

The BOM has recently invested in a whole school set of graded readers to facilitate station teaching and differentiated learning.  

Wellness Room

Our new wellness  room - established in March 2020 will be a nice nurture space for all. 

School Grounds

In addition to fantastic in-school amenities, we have two school yards - for Jnr and Snr pupils, a school garden, a yard shelter (for our play kitchen, sand pit and Lego Club) and 2.1 Acres of a playing field out the back. We are proximal to a Norman Castle, Old Mill, Salmon Wier, Church, Old Abbey Ruins, Fairy Forts, the Award Winning Cooperative Cottage and all under the shadow of the impressive Devil's Bit. 

"A very welcoming, happy and inclusive setting"...Inspection Report January 2020