Uniform Schedule for 2020-2021

Mon, Wed, Fri - Formal UniformTues, Thurs - Tracksuit 
Please change uniform as soon as possible after school and do not enter shops etc wearing it. 

Our Uniform

We formalised our school uniform in 2016/2017. We now have the school tracksuit and also a more formal school uniform. Please read the following information carefully and contact us if you require further clarification.

The school tracksuit is to be purchased for all pupils – this is available from Grey’s Shop in Templemore. It is a navy and blue created tracksuit and a sky blue crested polo-shirt. Clean runners are to be worn with the school tracksuit. School tracksuit days for all pupils will be every Thursday and Friday.

Our formal school uniform will be worn by all pupils Monday-Wednesday and will consist of a navy crested jumper or cardigan and a sky blue crested polo-shirt (available from Shortts), a navy pinafore or skirt/navy school pants, smart shoes (not runners!!). The pinafore/skirt/pants are generic and may be purchased anywhere you like.

Children train with GAA/athletics etc. most school days. This requires separate training gear which the pupils can change into and out of, before and after training times, in our portacabins. If a pupil wishes to participate in sports training/games on the pitch or grass they must have separate gear, and in particular footwear, in order to be permitted to do so. This is to avoid bringing dirt and muck back into the school. Our cleaner has limited hours as it is and does not need to have her workload increased unnecessarily. It takes a lot of time and effort by everyone to keep our school clean and we need everybody to cooperate with this request. Pupils will need to get into the habit of changing in time to be out for training and changing back in time for class. This is a good habit to develop at a young age as it requires organisation, independence and self-discipline. (We will of course assist the pupils in developing these skills by allowing a time-frame for this).

As of September 2017 we no longer required children to bring a second pair of shoes (indoors shoes) to school, as had been the case in the past. We feel that if pupils wear smart shoes and runners on the relevant days, commit to staying off the grass unless they have changed their footwear (we will be very strict about this) and are conscientious about wiping their feet when coming into school, that there will be no need for another change of shoes inside the school building.

We strictly adhere to this uniform combination and ask for your cooperation. Brand names are completely forbidden on tracksuit pants and sanctions for breaking this rule will be imposed. A note from parents is necessary if there is any issue with a child’s uniform on a given day. Please ensure that all items of clothing (including gear used for training days) are labelled with your child’s name. Check regularly that this has not washed off. Similarly please ensure that coats, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, and all other items belonging to your child are labelled to avoid confusion and to enable us to return lost or mislaid items to their owners more easily. Please ensure that your child has Velcro-fastened shoes if they are unable to tie their own laces.

Thank you for your time and attention in reading this. Again please contact us with any queries or concerns. If your chils has particular sensory issues with clothing please also be sure to inform us and we will work together on a plan to ensure they are ok. 

Many thanks,

Angela Dunne – Principal.

Formal and Sport Uniforms

Monday - Wednesday all pupils are to wear their formal uniform -pictured below left. Thursday and Friday all pupils are to wear their school tracksuit. No brandnames or logos please.